Co-creator, Director, Writer & Producer

Royston Innes grew up in Sydney, Australia. He spent every waking moment of his childhood watching movies, knowing that one day he would be making them. Inspired to become a unique and rule-breaking filmmaker, Royston realized that in order to become a great director he must understand the art of acting first. He moved to New York City to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and then went on to spend two years studying under some of the most prolific and renowned film and theater directors of our time, Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Paul Sills.

After graduation, he went on to star in several big budget films and television series including: The Great Raid, The X-Team, Stargate, Smallville and The Young and The Restless. While working with directors John Dahl and Rob Cohen, Royston decided to put his acting aspirations on hold to pursue his first love of directing. Royston went on to direct several theatre productions, as well as a handful of short films. For Royston, movie making is about capturing the truth in moments, unflinching, maybe uncomfortable, but always truthful.
Co-creator, Actor, Writer & Producer

Ric is an award-winning actor. He took home “Best Supporting Actor” for the AFI gritty south Boston drama “Black Irish” in 2013. Ric is also the co-creator, co-writer and lead actor in the upcoming Western: “Dead Men the Series.” Ric has appeared in films such as: Stop Loss, The Alamo, and his first lead in the western Renegade. His Television credits include: The Young and the Restless (Reoccurring), House (Officer Durkee), Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives and the Bold and the Beautiful. Last year Ric played a part in Prisoner of Second Avenue with Jeff Goldblum for the Playhouse West Rep.

​Ric grew up in the small southern Texas cowboy town of Pleasanton. After graduation, Ric served one tour in Iraq as a US Army expert infantrymen and team leader for the 4th infantry division. Ric founded Saddlecreek Films with the passion to bring back Westerns the way they used to be made... with real cowboys. Finding his partner Royston, who shares the same vision, was the catalyst that spurred this project into motion.