Benjamin Brown

Highly educated, traveling gambler that seeks to fight for just causes. Played by actor Shawn Parsons


Eldest daughter of Apache Chief Snake Medicine and wife of Jesse Struthers. Played by actress Marisa Quinn

Jake Struthers

The younger troubled brother to Jesse and wild card of the family. Played by actor Aaron Marciniak

Cole Roberts

Fierce, strong villain and leader of the Cole Roberts gang. Played by actor 

Richard O. Ryan​

Jesse Struthers

The older and more virtuous brother to Jake and heir to the Struthers' Mine. Played by actor Ric Maddox

Matut Se

Warrior in the Apache Tribe and guardian of Jesse. Played by actor 

Jon J. Gonzalez

Virgil Calhoun

Longtime family friend of Captain Roy Struthers. Played by actor Brent Rock

Sissy McHale

Long time love of Jake and Soiled Dove of Jackson Ridge. Played by actress

Marshall Tom Gibbs

Hellbent Marshall sent to clean up Jackson Ridge. Played by 'Tombstone' actor Peter Sherayko


Eldest warrior of the Apache tribe. Played by actor Sam Bearpaw

Carlos Van Pelt

A ruthless Gun for hire who is collecting a bounty on Jesse's head. Played by actor Malcolm Madera​

Vance Edison

Vicious mercenary employed by Cole Roberts. Played by actor Craig Hensley

Mayor Deets

Mayor of the town of Jackson Ridge. Played by actor Mark L. Colbenson

Billy Walters

Second in command to the Cole Roberts gang. Played by actor Jim Freivogel​

Snake Medicine

Chief and sharman of the Apache Tribe. Played by actor Joe Saenz​